Summer - Crepes - Shows - Great Stories

Summer Is Here

My how the time flies... It's summer yet again and it sure feels like it. The heat alone is a dead giveaway. It's raining less often, which is also a telltale sign. In addition to that, show schedules have been picking up a bit. In fact, I've got a show coming up tomorrow (as I'm writing this.)

HC + Battlesnake @ The Crepe Place

The band of down and dirty rock cats that go by the fitting name of Battlesnake will be joining me yet again at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, CA. The Crepe Place is one of my favorite venues, for a number of reasons.

Reason 1: It's small, packs relatively easily and feels like a sweet party. The band sets up on the floor and the audience all gathers around to delight at the sights and sounds. 

Reason 2: The free crepe.. I won't lie, I initially had this as reason 1. It's a great crepe. And it's a free great. it's a great, free Crepe and I get to eat it. For free. I get to wash it down with a drink or two comped by the venue, which is also good. Mind you, this deal is only available to the performers (as an attendee, you would need to pay for your Crepe. I've done this as well, and it is worth it.) 

Reason 3. It's truly an all ages venue. Because they serve food, all ages are welcome, and if one is of age they can enjoy an adult beverage anywhere they like (inside the venue that is. You can't take drinks onto the street etc.)

Reason 4/5. The staff are good folks and the sound ain't nothing to scoff at..

With all that in mind, it's really no wonder that I enjoy playing there. 

CoBro Tour

I'm also hitting the road on the drums with the Coffis Brothers in a couple weeks. Heading out to Wyoming to play a nice little festival called the Oyster Ridge Music Festival and booking some shows around that. It otto be one heck of a time. More info on that can be found at www.coffisbrothers.com.

What Else Is New?

Well, I've been working on new tunes of course... Crafting, sculpting, shaping, recording, mixing, demoing etc... I've also been recording some other bands and artists, trying to sneak in a little RnR (rest and relaxation) when I can. This brings me to my next segment..


How does a guy like me find time to sit back and appreciate the little things in life, and when he does find it, what does he do with it? Well I wonder about that myself sometimes, it's interesting you should bring it up. Let's see...I enjoy a good show on them internets, a good record or new musical discovery. I like to bowl. Interesting bowling story... just the other day I went bowling, which I quite enjoyed. I played about 3 games and had a great time. That's the end of the story. Some may not actually find it very interesting, but others might. These things are subjective, which is what makes them great.

Let's see what else... I went to the theater and saw the 5th installment of Pirates Of The Caribbean saga the other day. Would I call it a good movie? No I wouldn't.. Did I enjoy it? Yes I did...  That could be considered yet another great story, depending on how it is looked at. Some may call it short, sweet and to the point. Others may find it less than enticing, calling it "unnecessary" or "lacking a beginning, middle and end, which are the 3 key ingredients to a story.." I think I fall in the first camp personally, but that's just me. 

Anyways, I could spend all day sharing really cool stories with you, but I've got things to do, and I'm sure you do as well. 

If you're in Santa Cruz, I'll see you tomorrow! If not, I hope to see you soon.

Your's truly,