Update October

Whew. Things have been happening behind the old metaphorical curtains as they say in the biz. Times they are a'changin', as Bob Dylan says. What has happened since I last checked in? Well I'll give you the brief rundown. I went on my last tour with the Coffis Brothers at the end of July. That was a hell of a time. We got to catch up with old friends, hang with new friends, and really appreciate it all. I flew directly from our last show in Denver to LA to record an album with producer, Rob Schnapf and engineer, Brian Rosemeyer. Rob has worked on some of my favorite albums growing up, and as a team they've worked on some of my favorite current albums so it was pretty dang cool for me that it all worked out.

At any rate, I spent all of August couch surfing and recording. Thank you if you are reading this and let me sleep on your couch/floor/spare mattress/guest room. I think I remembered to fold sheets and clean up after myself, but I do apologize if I forgot.  I saw some sights, ate some hummus, drank some tasty Mexican beer. My new favorite beer is Victoria. Somehow I'd never ingested it before. It's really quite delicious... Crisp... Refreshing... Overall, it was an awesome experience, and I am more than stoked with the outcome. More on that soon...

After that, I was home for a couple weeks training up and jamming with some new fellas that will soon be known as Battlesnake MkII (or something else maybe. Only time will tell.) I then headed out to Indianapolis, IN to play the Fountain Square Music Festival and a couple other shows. It was a great time, and I like Indianapolis — or Indy, as the locals call it — quite a bit. Thanks to you folks who watched me play and bobbed your heads/snagged a CD/signed up for the email list etc. etc.

I'm back home now, safe and sound, and looking forward to more things. Thanks again to all who have made the past few months a great time. I'll have some show announcements soon, but for now I just wanted to check in since it's been a while.

Hope life has been good for you since we last spoke, and will continue to be until the next time. I actually hope it remains good long after that even. Just in general, hope your life is a good one.


Talk soon,