Summer 2016 - Thank You

The past few months have been very "cool"... not "cool" in the temperature way, but in the slang way that means something like "neat"... not "neat" in the tidy way, but in the slang way that means something like "good" or "Favorable". 


"Guest At Home" EP

I released my first EP, "Guest At Home", and the response has been a little overwhelming. Thank you to all who have been listening to it. I put out the music in hopes that it might reach people's ears and tickle their fancies, and it seems to have been doing just that. 

The first single I put out, "Alright", recently surpassed 50k plays on Spotify and is approaching 30k streams on Soundcloud. May not be huge news for some, but that's quite a few plays for the likes of me. I got some very cool tip-of-the-hats from the likes of Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, Indie Shuffle, Huffington Post, Paste Magazine and many more kind and benevolent blogs, magazines radio stations and more, including some local love in the form of a cover story from the Santa Cruz Good Times.

I've had a helluva time making a few music videos, two of which were shot by Element Productions in Santa Cruz, and the other of which was shot by my very own brother, George Chadwick. 

The videos, and the EP are available for visual and auditory consumption at their respective online homes (Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Google Play etc.). Feel free to check it all out if you haven't! 


I'm very excited to announce that the band of hooligans who who call themselves Battlesnake and I will be gracing the "stage" at the one and only Crepe Place in Santa Cruz. We will be joined by the one and only Jackie Zealous on the one and only Friday, September 9th, 2016.

We also have more shows in the works and I'll make another announcement on tour dates very soon. For now, I just wanted to say to all who have been so kind, supportive and nice; thanks for the kind words, support and niceness and for listening and sharing the music! 


The World Of Coffis

Speaking of shows, I just got done with a jam packed 3 week tour with the one and only Coffis Brothers, the band in which I drum. We went all the way out to Wisconsin, with stops in Bend, OR, Ashland, OR, Santa Rosa, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, Lawrence, KS, Kansas City, MO, Chicago, IL, Door County, WI, and Denver, CO. 

It was a helluva time. It was also hot. Very hot. It was also ridiculously humid. That was a difficult combo.. But we survived and came away with plenty of good memories for the old memory bank. 


In Other News

I've been working in the studio on a couple of cool projects, including an epic punk-rock-double-concept album by local musician, Chris Levy and a gorgeously lush, yet down-and-dirty rock/folk/alt-country EP with McCoy Tyler, which features the entire Coffis Brothers gang backing him up. We've all had a great time working on this one and can't wait to show it the light of day. 


That's all for now folks. More to come soon!