Fruits Of Labor part 2

Where to begin? Things have been happening. All kinds of things. Things you wouldn't believe, and some things you would believe. Believe it or not, all of them are true. Truly.

Guest At Home EP

I suppose I should start with the update on my new EP. I released my first single last month, "Alright", and people are actually listening to it. Not to "toot my own horn" as they say in the business, but as I'm writing this it has over 20k streams on Soundcloud and almost 30k Spotify plays. That is, as they say in the business, pretty cool. I'm choosing to assume that means people are enjoying it. If you have listened to it and/or are listening to it now and/or are about to listen to it I thank you sincerely. 

I put a music video out for "Alright" as well, which I'm proud of and i believe to be a humorous and compelling piece of musical cinema. Thanks to the kind and talented folks at Element Productions here in Santa Cruz for their excellent work. This ain't the first time we've worked together. The kind and talented folks at Element Productions used to be the kind and talented folks at 3 Cameras Later productions and we worked on 2 videos for my old band My Stupid Brother, "She's A Freak" and "Robot Song", both of which are youtubeable. My how the time flies, how the people grow, how the flowers bloom, how the leaves fall and then we're right back at it if you know what I mean...I'm not sure i do.

My 2nd single and title track, "Guest At Home" premiered at the Huffington Post and again at Paste Magazine along with an interview. I have grown both fond and proud of this track and I'm happy it's out there in the world ready for the likes of your ears to listen to and hopefully enjoy.

I, along with the scraggly bunch of rock n' roll stallions who are known as Battlesnake, recently strapped on our respective instruments, plugged in to our respective amps, smacked our respective drum set and crooned into our respective microphones at an exclusive, local EP release show at Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz on Sunday, May 8th. The people that showed up got a copy of the EP before it will be available elsewhere a little later on. Thanks to all who came and made the night what we call in the business, a very good time.

In other news...

I spent some time with the Coffis Brothers, the band in which I drum, in an amazing studio in LA called Barefoot Recording. We were joined by our long time producer extraordinaire Andy Zenczak, and engineer wizard Cian Riordan. We spent a week tracking 17 songs (we'll see if all of them wind up on the album,) mostly live and to tape. It was a truly unforgettable trip and experience. The recordings are sounding, as they say in the business, very good. 

More to come on all fronts. 

Until then, stay classy... and thanks for stopping by... But mainly stay classy.