Fruits Of Labor part 1

As I have been gearing up for a Spring release of my new EP, Guest At Home, starting something new with The Coffis Brothers, and being involved in various stages of production on other people's projects, I've started feeling a little bit like Old MacDonald....

If you'll allow me this in depth analogy to explain...

You see, being involved in the creation of music or art is a lot like being a farmer —  I should clarify that I have no idea what it's like to be a farmer as I've never farmed before... I Imagine it's pretty physically taxing and you have to wake up very early everyday, which is not always the case as a musician/artist — Regardless, for the sake of my analogy, let's pretend I  know what I'm talking about.

Planting the seed:

Much like a farmer plants a seed, the artist must have a vision or idea. Whether it's an idea for a song, a plan for a tour, or the fledgeling stages of clay a sculpture — I also have no clue what the process of sculpting is like, I just thought I should throw in some other type of art form, — the artist must plant a seed within his or her brain.

Watering the Garden:

The artist then, much as the farmer water's their garden, must water their brain. Here's where it get's tricky though — the artist doesn't need to use actual water to water their brain.. actually that's not entirely true.. It's important to stay hydrated.. but there is more!

The songwriting "farmer"  must water their song with thought, musicians, arrangements, studio time, CD production and/or online distribution, and last but certainly not least, practice for live shows. 

If it's a seed that one wishes to grow into a beautiful show or tour, the show planning "farmer" must water his or her crops by sending out numerous emails regularly and planning/clearing their schedule accordingly.

 A sculpting "farmer" must water their creation by adding more clay I assume.

Fruits of Labor:

This is what it's all about folks. The fruits of the labor. It's a labor of love and we love them fruits. Just as a farmer enjoys the fruits of his/her labor, the artist enjoys their art. In an ideal situation, just as the farmer sells their food, the artist makes something the rest of the world can enjoy.

The music farmer has created a wonderful recording that exists in a place that's accessible to the public. And the show seeds they planted in January have sprouted into beautiful season full of festival shows that bloom all summer and beyond. 

The sculpting farmer now has a sculpture of some kind.

So you see? We're all farmers really... pushing our ploughs along through this crazy field we call life...

And with that, I'll say goodbye until next time.