The Story of HC + Battlesnake (abridged)


HC & Battlesnake

After a long, lonely journey in the studio crafting my upcoming EP, I finally found myself ready to assemble a group of musicians to bring the music to life in a live setting. I was in the market for some Class A session cats.. cats with claws sharp enough to shred through the gnarliest licks and with enough balance to land on all fours if things started to fall apart.. But where would I find such beasts?

As luck would have it, a few old stray cats wandered in through the old studio door one night when I set some food out and they've been hanging around ever since. I've tried calling them each a few different names but they only seem to respond to one; 'Battlesnake'. In unison, their heads turn.. It's as if they've been called that name before...perhaps in another life.

They looked rough.. weary.. road-worn.. I was hesitant at first of the shaggy beasts, but I decided to take a chance. I did, after all, need a band and there was just something about this unlikely crew that 'struck a chord' with me. Once they got cleaned up and they sharpened up the old claws, one thing was perfectly clear.. These cats could play... And play they did... And play they do... And play they shall... At our first show on Saturday, January 16th at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz.

Eventually they told me their individual names..

Battlesnake is:

  • Kyle Poppen - guitar
  • Aidan Collins - bass
  • Jesse Wilkinson - drums

The cats can play. The cats are a snake.


Henry Chadwick and Battlesnake

  •  Saturday, January 16
  • The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz CA
  • All Ages
  • $10
  • Tickets: http://thecrepeplace.com/events/104434/