What is this place Henry?

I'll be keeping you updated — and by you I mean potentially nobody — on the status of me in regards to music. Why? Sometimes when I think about myself I think: "Wow my life is so Goddamn interesting, people would really just love to know about all my musical thoughts and happenings in a detailed blog post. Who am I to deny them that?" 

That thought usually is quickly countered by the realization that most people may not have time or interest to read these things. That's most likely why I haven't done a lot of blogging thus far. But all that's changing blogoshphere. HC is coming at you hot and strong like a fresh pot of coffee.

For reals, I make and listen to music because the world is confusing and music makes sense. It's also the most honest way I know how to communicate. Basically, I make music because I need to and I share it because people share things that are important to them.

OK, we have a lot of catching up to do.

Here's what I've been up to:

Working on a new EP...

I've been writing new music and recording my first very HC EP which has been a blast. This is the first batch of music I will have released under my own name and not for my band, My Stupid Brother. I've been doing it all by myself mostly which has been both liberating and frustrating and just a little lonely. Nothing quite like pressing record and running back and forth from the drums to the control room every time I make a mistake.

Not too lonely though, as I've enlisted the help of superbassman and fellow Coffis Brothers bandmate, Aidan Collins on the bass to help make these recordings sing like the wild peacocks they are. He's good. The cat can play. 

I'm also gathering more quality musicians to play these songs live. More info to come on the live situation and line-up but I'm excited about what's in the works. The cats can play.

Speaking of The Coffis Brothers...

As you may or may not know, I play the drums — or the "skins" if you are hip to my lingo — in a band by the name of The Coffis Brothers and The Mountain Men. The cats can play. 2014 was a year filled with much fun and 2015 has been shaping up to be another good one.

We've seen our share of ups and downs so far this year.

Ups: Playing to a sold out crowd at The Fillmore in San Francisco opening for Poor Man's Whiskey, as well as headlining a show at Slim's in SF. These were both great milestones for us at venues where I've seen some of my heroes and dreamed of the day I'd get a chance to play. 

Down (just 1 comes to mind): We most likely have to say goodbye to our tour van, Gretschen The White Falcon who caught on fire slightly and has probably flown her last flight. This is a sad day for all of us. But the show must go on. Gretschen will be missed.

My Stupid Robot Song Music Video...

My Stupid Brother, the band I sing/write/pay/produce for, released an album last summer, Welcome To My Head — which I am really proud of — and has been long at work on a music video for "Robot Song". it is finally nearing completion and will be released in April. It is looking awesome and it pleases me. 

In Conclusion...

You can take the man out of the songwriter but you can't take the songwriter out of the man. That doesn't make sense... what does these days... in this economy... 

Have you noticed that older people tend to overuse "..." in text messages etc.?... I have noticed that... maybe it's not just old people... or maybe this means I'm getting older... because... I'm doing that right now........

Ok goodbye for now talk to you soon.